BiTDAo β€” bad girls doing GOOD things

Baddies in Tech DAO is a decentralized collective of change-makers championing the inclusion of women of color in tech.

Why Baddies in Tech

As it stands today, women of color make up only 5% of the technology workforce globally. Meanwhile, those of us working in the industry are faced with un-inclusive and inequitable workplaces where we are often the only WOC on our teams, and "bro-culture" is the norm.

As WOC technologists, we recognize these barriers to our success and are making efforts to create positive change in the tech industry. While our individual efforts have moved the needle, our organized, collective effort will move mountains!

We're building Baddies in Tech DAO as an ecosystem of changemakers creating pathways for education, mentorship, and scholarship for WOC in tech... powered by the blockchain!

The Baddie Mission

Our Mission is simple:
‍Help women of color break into and belong in tech!

The Baddie Vision

By bringing together our ideas, networks, and resources under a DAO, our long-term vision is to increase the representation of women of color in computing roles to 10% by 2030, and decrease the pervasiveness of bro-culture in tech.




by 2030


Build your own identity, whether it's the metaverse or your groups.

Baddies in Tech Roadmap

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