Where is BaddieCon taking place?

BaddieCon is taking place in Brooklyn, NY at Industry City in Sunset Park. You will receive the exact address for the venue after purchasing tickets.

When is BaddieCon?

BaddieCon will take place on Friday, August 18 2023.

How do I purchase tickets for BaddieCon?

The only way to purchase tickets is through our ticketing page. Please do not purchase tickets from a third party site or from another attendee, as they are not authentic and will not be accepted for entry into the conference.

I’m coming out of town, is there a host hotel?

Yes! Our host hotel is Liberty View Hotel in Sunset Park, a short 10 minute walk from the conference venue. Please see here for information on how to book accommodations at Liberty View with the BaddieCon nightly rate, and other hotel recommendations.

Can my employer sponsor my BaddieCon ticket?

We hope so! Use this template to make the ask to your boss to sponsor your ticket to attend BaddieCon!

Will there be accommodations for dietary restrictions at the conference?

While we cannot accommodate every dietary preference, there will be vegetarian and vegan options available for lunch.

What is the dress code for BaddieCon?

Business casual attire is recommended. As this is a conference for the Tech Baddies and Allies, prepare to come to slay and take lots of pictures! Stay tuned, we’ll be posting a BaddieCon look book on our Instagram!

Will there be any networking opportunities during the conference?

Of course! There will be plenty of opportunities to meet and connect with Tech Baddies, Allies, and Employers at BaddieCon. We have partnered with a black-owned networking app, Spark, to help you foster meaningful connections in real-time at the conference!

Is there a schedule or agenda available for the conference?

BaddieCon is a full-day affair! Registrations begin at 9am and programming will begin promptly at 10:30 and run through 5pm ET, followed by a networking hour. Please see the full event program here.

How can I join Baddies in Tech?

Our mission at Baddies in Tech is to engage, educate and empower women of color forward through all phases of their tech career journeys. If that is something you can get behind, join us on Discord!