Baddies in Tech is more than a platform, or even a community.. it’s our identity. Our platform was built to create space for black and brown women to to be seen and represented in the tech industry. Baddies in Tech was built from the ground up - but the beautiful, fierce, intelligent, fun-loving “baddie identity” already existed - it just needed a safe place to belong! Baddies in Tech is (flawlessly) changing the face of technology and letting the industry know that baddie and techie are not mutually exclusive. To be a member of Baddies in Tech is to be a change maker declaring “this is what a technologist looks like.”

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What We Do
Baddies in Tech is on a mission to empower and advance the careers of black and brown women in tech. Our members gain access to curated resources and exclusive opportunities via our monthly newsletter, a supportive tribe in our Discord server, and career development events and workshops throughout the year!

Since our establishment in 2019, our members have pivoted, launched, and advanced careers in tech, and our trusted employer partners have hired tech baddies through our job board and community partnerships.

The OG Tech Baddie:‍
What began as a small effort by our Founder, Allie Tsahey to connect with other women who were facing similar career challenges as the “only” in their work environment, has since grown into a thriving community and resource hub for women of color techies globally.

BiT is an impact-driven for-profit organization and black woman owned and operated.

Get involved by owning your baddie identity or partnering with us!

About Identity in our Community

BiT's mission is to provide a safe space for career advancement to all underrepresented minority women in tech. Cis, trans and non-binary women of color are all welcome to join as a General or Founding member. Allies are welcome to get involved for the purposes of supporting and amplifying resources and opportunities towards underrepresented women in tech.

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